You're probably asking yourself "is this really a "hand" car wash"? The answer is "YES"!

The past twenty years the car wash industry, like many American industries, has undergone major changes. A job that we all once did in our driveways has now become too time consuming, too cumbersome and in many municipalities no longer permitted. To meet this greater need for car washes the industry has responded with automation and mechanization. Getting cars through the wash quickly and cheaply has become the industry focus. Quality is an afterthought. When you leave a typical automated car wash you ask yourself two questions: "is the car cleaner"? Yes, "is it clean" NO!

Here at Platinum, we have made a conscious effort to return to a method of car washing that is far superior and sadly, difficult to find. We wash your car by hand! The benefits to you are simple and twofold; a cleaner car with fewer missed spots and less chance of damage to your vehicle. You no longer need to worry about removing your antenna or having your wipers or side view mirrors damaged by brushes or mitters. It is as close to washing your car in your driveway as you can get!

So, stop by Platinum Hand Car Wash and "Experience the Difference"

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